What a great opportunity to bring your plein air painting group to Cuba to paint! Wouldn't you like to share this rare opportuntity with your fellow artist? And why is it rare? Back in 1960 we imposed a commercial, economic, and financial embargo just after the Cuban revolution. The embargo is still in effect but since Raoul Casto has taken over from his brother a free-market overhaul has been taking place on the island and there are now legal ways to travel there. The good news for us artists is that under the rules of the Treasury Department's 'general class license' we CAN go there.

Havana is gorgeous. At one time one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And still, beyond it's worn facade that beauty still shows through. People are warm and friendly and exhibit zero anti- American bias. And beyond Havana the countryside offers fabulous landscape to paint. Please take a minute to read my page titled 'Cuba Facts'.
So, what's your first step? Well, call me at 212-414-8875 or email me so I can run you through the process. But don't worry - I will do ALL of the work. You just have to get your fellow artists together. And if your plein air painting group cannot come up with enough people we can have you join with members of another group. Together we will work out the proper itinerary for you.

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